Monday, June 23, 2008

Make Noise, Will Travel

Gonna keep is short and sweet, no filler this time.

I've had a
MakeNoise Moddemod for the past few weeks now & Its been an amazing little module.

It had three things going for it before I even unwrapped it from its packaging...

1) takes up very little space.
2) requires no power from the case.
3) looks like my 5yr. old nephew designed the panel graphics (I find it a plus, ok?)

I have yet to see a picture of the actual circuit board and components around the interwebs so I thought I'd offer one up for those of you that are curious.

There are plenty of audio examples and even a video on the MakeNoise website so I won't waste time uploading redundancy.mp3 vol2. I will however share my thoughts on the signal level from the outputs of the Moddemod & there in lies my only complaint (as meager as it is) about the unit.

I had to route the output into a PlanB Model-9 mixer to boost the signal to match the rest of my modules. There are so few components on this little guy I'm sure its not a flaw in my module, just the nature of the beast. If this is the only pain I have to endure then so be it, i'm good with that.

I also took a closer picture of their snazzy catch phrase which was placed between the two middle transformers for all us curious (ie: social life nonexistent) circuit board easter egg scavengers.

In closing I really must recommend this module to any and all fans of ringmodulation. Its a unique addition to an already growing group of module makers. As of this very moment Analogue Haven has them in stock, but for how long is anyones guess. So go snag one yourself, you will not be disappointed.