Thursday, July 31, 2008

Does Anyone name their systems?

I happened to slap Fortress of Amplitude on my rig because of a drunken night of watching Superman II & continuously calling for my friends pug to "kneel before Zod" until I passed out. 

you know, one of those nights. 

so, If you do I'd like to know what it is.

Personally, I still think John Duval's "Fist of God" is the best name ever.


I'm hopping on the Drone-Wagon.

I provided a picture of the patch to save myself from typing it out. its late.

Along with the modular I used an Empress Effects Superdelay. More on that little nugget of goodness in a proper write up tomorrow evening.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Livewire AFG Easter eggs UPDATE

forgot to check the back of the stacked PCBs.


On the solder side of the boards are the following...

animator board = "this will feel a little weird"

main component board = "there is no spoon"

knob & jack board = "the truth is out there",  "everything that has a beginning has an end" & "Robots vs. Kung Fu" (my personal favorite)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Livewire AFG, Squared.

Just took delivery of two Livewire AFGs this evening.

Easter Eggs:

While inspecting the PCBs for hidden treats before installing them I came across lots of quotes from The Matrix. They are as follows...

animator board = "YOU TAKE THE BLUE PILL..." & "YOU TAKE THE RED PILL..."

main component board = "Wake up, Neo..." & "welcome to the real world..."

Knob & Jack board = "everything that has a beginning has an end"

I apologize for the lack of pictures for the majority of these, but my less than stellar camera "can't haz macro shots" without the blur.

Tip of The Ice Berg:

I'm having far too much fun exploring the module to do any worthy video demo of the unit. Seeing as how Mike did an amazing job on his own @ Winter NAMM08 for Sonic State I personally see no need. With that said, what I will do is record a simple sequencer showing all four pulse/square outputs one at a time, then all together in the end just to give an example of how thick this one oscillator can get.

Looped Mobius sequence. Square, Pulse, Animated Pulse & Sub Square outs in that order, then all together in the end.

Audio signal chain = AFG -> Frequensteiner -> VCA

Modulation = sine LFO's into pulse & harmonic animator cv inputs. triangle LFO into frequensteiner cv input 1.

Dull, boring, meh. Just an example, nothing more people, the more mundane the process the more I can keep the inkling to wander off and look at shiny things at bay. I'll post worthy examples along with everyone else soon enough.


Everyone who's been waiting so patiently for these will not be disappointed. Mike's team lead by Steve R. were tremendously diligent in working all week to make sure the AFGs get finished. Also note worthy is Analogue Haven's Shawn Cleary & Andrew Felix's dedication to not only shipping out the units as fast as they could safely pack each one for delivery, but also attached knobs to the 20 remaining modules from the delivered sum. They deserve our admiration and respect for putting the time into getting the units finished, with the few exceptions in the end due to quality control. Personally I'd rather it work right, the first time. (But I type this with two units sitting in my system, so I can't speak for everyone or risk the hypocrite banner) Steve did ship them back to Ohio for a speedy turn around before they meet their final destination. So get ready, those in waiting; your time's almost come!