Thursday, July 31, 2008

Does Anyone name their systems?

I happened to slap Fortress of Amplitude on my rig because of a drunken night of watching Superman II & continuously calling for my friends pug to "kneel before Zod" until I passed out. 

you know, one of those nights. 

so, If you do I'd like to know what it is.

Personally, I still think John Duval's "Fist of God" is the best name ever.


I'm hopping on the Drone-Wagon.

I provided a picture of the patch to save myself from typing it out. its late.

Along with the modular I used an Empress Effects Superdelay. More on that little nugget of goodness in a proper write up tomorrow evening.


felix said...

Nice drone!

I think my system will get a name once it's all in the monster case. Before, in two pieces, it seemed odd to have a name.

Now I guess I could call it Pompei...cause most of it is just scattered all over the place.

kidtesla said...

drone on!
I really dig your rig!
p.s. mine's called 'lovewire'.

jeswa said...

Mine (at the top of this post) is appropriately named "Chronophage", French for "the time eater". It's also a nod to Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet, my heroes.

Peter Grenader said...


Peter Grenader said...

...not really

jeswa said...

Come on Peter, you're more than likely responsible for this whole synth naming business in the first place! Btw, how is Frank? :)