Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flux Capacitor jumpers, say what?!

Well isn't that neat.

For those of you who obtained an AFG (or several) you'll have not doubt noticed the multiple connection points on the back for the future expansion modules. Regarding this post I'm focusing on the Flux Capacitor pin set. The one with the pair of jumpers located at the top and bottom of the connection point.

These have to do with the resulting ANTI-MATTER waveforms. When you switch from their factory setting of 1&5 you'll obtain different (and sometimes not) versions of the anti-matter setting. 2&5 varied in portions of the cycle minus the square wave. I had little luck with 3&5 and have not yet tried any other combinations.

you can try other combinations yourself and see what you get.  :)


Veqtor said...

The coming module, the flux capacitor, is supposed to have CV-modulation of the waveforms, perhaps this is what some pins are for.

Aaron said...


Where we're going...

you don't need ears.

noisesource said...

i particularly like this quote...

"where your going? you won't need eyes to see..."

"do you see!?!?.....DO YOU SEE!?!?"

a gold star if you know the movie. ;)

Chris Rooney said...


I just came across your blog last night. I like it.

I just started a modular blog recently too

I like your page's layout and the header's graphic. Also your monster system is sick.

J.w.M. said...

That is one awesome set of photos.

Göran Sandström said...

try 2 and 4, 1 & 4, etc.
I'm soon hooking it up to a protoboard to try more combos, and to try and see if some of the pins are dubplicates...

JAN said...

Interesting pics!

I acquired 2 this week (late to the party).

Had some joy with 1&5, not tried others yet.
Did anyone get any further with defining what other jumpers do?

Dan said...

It seems that there's 6 different combinations that work:
1&3, 2&3
1&4, 2&4
1&5, 2&5

So you pick either 1 or 2, and then pick either 3,4 or 5.
On mine it seemed like 4 was thinner sounding (thinner pulses) 5 was deeper, and 3 was deep but also some higher harmonics. YMMV.
A simple 2P6T rotary switch with a cable coming off it would be a nice way to pick'n'choose