Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gnomes are not Elves

Took in two Plan B M-37 ELF LFO's this weekend.

I have to admit I was a tad skeptical during the procurement. In swapping out my trusty Doepfer A-145's "what will I do without my sine and inverted saw outputs?" crossed my mind. And then reason kicked in, thats what slew limiters and inverters are for, buddy.

These are definitely the widest ranged LFOs I've had experience with so far. (I don't get much time to use any Serge panels around these here parts) But what surprised me the most was its functionality as a sparse but more than adequate oscillator, just twist the attenuation knob for the VC Freq fully clockwise for the input to track at 1v/o.  Lets take that one step further and say as an oscillator synced to another oscillator, even another M-37 for all intensive purposes. 

Anyone wishing to add an additional oscillator but are hesitant or restricted due to price and/or your personal modular real estate should consider these units as viable options.

I didn't take the time to tune properly but I'm sure you get the gist of things from that.

Oh, by the way Peter. Thats a Gnome on your site, not an Elf. ;) 

Keep up the good work, incorrectly classified fictional humanoid races and all. Because if thats all I have to complain about thats more than fine by me.


felix said...

Awesome! How deep are they?

Oh, and what the hell is that riff you're playing...I recognize it, but can't place what it is...it's killing me.

noisesource said...

The Cars - Lets Go.


every time i hear a sync sound it reminded me of that song.

deep as in circuit board deep? 1 and a quarter inches maybe.

felix said...

ah, haha yeah that's it! XD

Yeah circuit board deep. Thanks!