Tuesday, April 22, 2008

first post, here goes...

With all the synth related blogs out there why in the hell did I possibly think "hey, one more won't hurt" ?

But seeing as this will likely be lost in the background noise, probably predestined to meander along with the rest of the floating "oh hey, I don't update enough" blogs that clutter the inter-webs I'll not lose sleep over it if that is indeed the case.  

"..so for my first trick" I'll just post a self generating patch I made this evening. nothing fancy or impressive really, mainly something for the overly-eager-to-post commenter to either shift the voltage negative or positive (yes, I'm afriad I really went there.)

your future mockery will be most appreciated.


stretta said...

*mock mock mock*

OK, with that out of the way, at first glance, that looked like my modular - monstercase with the odd cwejman module. :)

noisesource said...

i've secretly been cloning your system down to the number of stripped screws that forever hold certain modules in place until one takes a drill and bores it out.

my apologies.

felix said...

Welcome to the fold!

"not posting enough" is the new "posting too much".


noisesource said...

thank you felix. looks like i let myself slip already.

shameful. :)