Monday, May 5, 2008

FLAME Clockwork... the first 10 minutes.

ok, so I just de-boxed this guy around 3:00am and have only spent about 15 minutes with it. not nearly long enough for a justified opinion on the whole. BUT, I will say a few things. 1) I plan on a more in-depth post after I get better acquainted with the bugger. 2) It was easy to understand right out of the box without much mucking about with what little manual (more like a one page pamphlet) that comes with the unit. & 3) I'll open her up and see what kind of build quality we are dealing with.

so, until then here is a short little sample of what the patch above sounds like.


bughouse said...

yummy! yes, please keep the details coming!

stretta said...



I have to say sincerely that I'm really digging the _quality_ of the sound that comes through despite ovi's widget.

noisesource said...

stretta, just because i resort to the dopplegangery of your superiority does not give you the right to the caps lock key. ;)

thank you bughouse, i plan to!

ehdyn said...

Looking forward to your review.