Friday, May 16, 2008

Resonance instability = fun

I was fiddling with the polivoks vcf's resonance this evening and came about a startling setting. Something I can only describe as a sustaining vinyl needle slip.

The only modules in this set up (as shown to the right) are a Livewire Dual Cyclotron -> PlanB Model-15. the Model-15 pulse out -> Polivoks vcf -> Model-13 set fully open (vca-only setting).

The polivoks settings are static, no modulation inserted into the unit of any kind. The input attenuation is at about 60%. Luckily (or not, depending on your opinion) I'd been recording the patch. I brought the cutoff down slowly, once the "needle scratch" is sustained I touched nothing else. The circuit eventually stopped and restarted the oscillation on its own.

It doesn't sound pretty, thats for sure. but we likes it.


felix said...

Awesome! The Metasonix TM-7 makes a very similar sound.

I've always wanted to get that kind of sound, but responding accurately to 1v/Oct so as to play via keyboard.

To many people it just sounds awful, but I think it would make a great sound for a lead or bass line.

TJ Milian said...

dig it.

synchromesh said...

Last time I heard a sound like that there was a rubber balloon involved. But that Polivoks filter is definitely very cool (AFAICT).