Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I want to crush you to bits...

And so I shall, in 16 varieties not less.

Well, technically 11 varieties with a few short delays loped in for good measure.... but who's counting?

I'm not qualified to explain this modules settings in a manner befitting its design so I'll let the moving picture below do the talking for the most part. For a proper explination of each setting I recommend Doepfers own A-189-1 page. 

I used a simple sine wave for demonstration purposes so you could actually see what the varied settlings were actually doing to the waveform itself on the scope. Some settings don't sound all that different from the previous or might not sound like much at all. This is mainly due to the source with which i'm feeding it. A static wave with no movement or harmonic content to speak of is not what some of these settings would prefer. Prior to recording this demo I was feeding it Princes' Lets Go Crazy. Trust in the fact that there is more to this unit that what is shown. 

While I was installing the unit I notice there was a nifty little pin connection point that was labeled "Expansion" on the PCB. I'm very curious as to what it is exactly that Dieter has in store for it.

Over all I'm very satisfied with this module. It does quite a bit (totally unintentional pun that i'm too sappy to now remove) for such a small footprint. But I will say this; it is not a Malgorithm replacment. Its hard to explain but with them side by side they are two similar means with slightly different ends. For those of you thinking of letting go of the Malgorithm just because this is now available please keep in mind it is a complimenting addition, not a substitution.


stretta said...

Excellent post. Seems to do a bit more than the malgorithim, though.

felix said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see what the Malgo looks like on a scope now.

Some of those waveform shapes were very interesting!

Machinate said...

rockin! I'll have to find out what the expansion port is for, too! And yeah, it does seem to do a fair bit more than the malgo, and in a different way, which is key.

Thanks for helping me get clear about what to order!

Zerosum Inertia said...

I have an addiction to Sample reducers and bit reducers, I use a Sonic Alienator, a TX-1(which can sound EXACTLY like bit reduction), Logics Bit Crusher, Lo-Fi RTAS, Virus sample reducer, KLC MDE-X reducer.
Think that is all, but even with all those I still find an interest in more.

Thanks for posting this, very interesting results and very informative post for my favorite type of effect.