Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VC Bit Modifier Expansion Port Update.

I Asked Shawn @  Analogue Haven if there was any information on the possible future expansion for the A-189-1 . 

My friends, the future looks interesting.

Below, in Dieters own words, he explains what could become reality if there is enough interest:

we think about an expansion module for the A-189-1 that would allow  some
additional features, e.g.:

- digital VCA at the audio input (one would not need a separate VCA  at the
audio input for certain bit modifier effects, if you already worked  with the
A-189-1 you should try a VCA controlled by an ADSR at the audio  input, then
you know what I mean !). For this an additional CV input is required
(available at the expansion module)
- voltage control of the mode (e.g. if the rotary switch is in  position 16
the mode can be voltage controlled by an additional CV input  available at
the expansion module)
- digital ring modulator (similar to A-114 but digital with VC  sampling

So far there is no release date for the A-189-1 expansion module.  For now
the A-189-1 users seem to be happy with the available features. But we
wanted to be open for possible additional features. Of course the software
(i.e. the microcontroller) has to be changed too.

So there you have it. I just hope the future owners of this module with be as selfishly unsatisfied as I am & give their vote toward its creation until the expansion module because a reality. ;)


Veqtor said...

Have you compared the A-189-1 to the Harvestman Malgorithm? I'm thinking of getting one of them but I'm unsure of which one would be better...

noisesource said...


If you read the post directly below this one you will notice I did indeed compare them side by side & give my opinion on the results. :)